What we do and who we are

About socialplusdesign.com

So what do we do?

UNO UNIQA GROUP delivers indoor and outdoor solutions. We cover playgrounds, interior design and customized solutions. We strive to build engaging playgrounds and indoor social environments. We want to provide the best atmosphere for kids so they can socialize through play and become playful souls. Playfulness and creativity is the best outcome for us to experience.

Who are we?

If you haven’t guessed it yet, we are your partner on your next project if you need help to realize moving environment or creative installations. UNO UNIQA GROUP, a known company in the industry, have joined ventures on this site, to reach out to likeminded creative architects, designers and influencers. Our finest task is to help clients to achieve their project goals.

Our team

To deliver engaging playgrounds and indoor social environments one must have the right team. And we are proud to say that we do have an amazing team that can help all our clients in every aspect of their project. We listen, we draw, we gather, we build and we deliver unique results for each of our clients. UNO UNIQA GROUP delivers the unexpected and most creative projects.

Movement is for everyone

Movement is as fundamental as sleep and food to all living beings. Learn how to move yourself, also builds our creative way of thinking. Without movement we would lose many features that sets the ground for us. What some adults think is movement, may be the opposite of what a child believes. A way we try to work by is allowing kids to move freely and not controlled.


We finish as we started: We are here to be your partner on your next project. With the best team to deliver unique solutions for you. Sustainability, usability and technology are keywords when working with us. The book is filled with inspirational cases. Maybe yours is next?
We would like to offer it as a gift for celebrating play, movement and creativity.

You’re welcome!