Konditaget Lüders

Copenhagen, Denmark
At Nordhavn, on the roof of an edgy new parking house is a great place to play and exercise.
The project was created by By & Havn, JAJA architects and 5E Byg. The roof area was installed by UNO UNIQA Group.

Calisthenics at copenhagen business school

Copenhagen, Denmark
This amazing outdoor training spot was made in collaboration between the municipality of Frederiksberg, CBS, Team Vici and UNO UNIQA Group. Enjoy! For further information contact UNO UNIQA Group.

Calisthenics CBS Team Vici


Copenhagen, Denmark
Bouldering is an activity combining strength, technic and movement. The equipment is developed by experts and made in quality materials. The products are made by UNO UNIQA Group.


Holstebro, Denmark
The area is created with great flexibility and designed according to the needs of the users and offers multiple kinds of sports. The project was created by UNO UNIQA Group.

See how you could get a soccer field like this one


Aarhus, Denmark
The common areas and hallways at this school were not being used at all. Now it is a unique place to meet and be active in a variety of ways. This solution was built in cooperation between Aarhus Municipality, Friis & Moltke architects and SMAK architects. The project was installed by UNO UNIQA Group.

Ørestad skole

Copenhagen, Denmark
The school was given a facelift with inspiring visual learning environments. This motivates the students to have an improved and more fun day studying and creates a better work environment for the teachers. The project was installed by UNO UNIQA group.

More Movement…

… Better Learning

… More Happiness

… Improved Motor Skills

… Better Socializing

… Less Conflict

… Less Bullying

… More Exercise

… More Creativity

… Less Vandalism

… Better Work Environment

… Improved Health